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Social Security Disability Attorney Naples

Social Security Disability Attorney Naples

Obtain justice with an experienced and compassionate attorney

Getting an experienced Social Security Disability Attorney Naples can be a daunting task. How do you find a reliable attorney? You need to hire an attorney who is experienced, well-versed in the law, and able to persuasively argue the facts of your case.

Qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in Naples

If you have a disability that prevents you from being able to work, then you may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. Unfortunately, claiming and getting benefits can be a daunting task. Out of 2.1 million applications filled, only about 770 people are entitled to disability benefits. More than ⅔ of claims are denied.

Whether you have applied for disability benefits before or have been filing for the first time, get help at Social Security Office Naples

SSI for Adults

We offer Supplemental Security Income program that provides government benefits to disabled to meet their basic needs. At Berke Law Firm, we believe everyone has the right to live their life with dignity. Therefore, we specialize in and commit to helping you receive benefits you are entitled to.

SSI for Children 0-17 years

Supplemental Security Income is a program that offers financial support to children who have disabilities. These benefits would cater to the needs of a child and allow them to live a quality life.

Disabled Adult Child Benefits

Disability prevents you from performing substantial work or gainful employment; it can be difficult for a person to be independent. We understand the joy of gaining financial independence, and therefore we provide legal services to disabled adults to secure their benefits.

Widow Disability Benefit Claims

The death of a spouse can be emotionally and financially challenging. When a person who is receiving Social Security Disability benefits or retirement benefits passes away, the survivor spouse may qualify for disability benefits if they are over 50 years.

The laws for survivor benefits can be tricky, and you might not be sure if you qualify for benefits or not. Consult Social Security Office Naples FL, who will improve your chances of being approved for benefits.

Transitional Benefits

When a child turns 18, they will not qualify for Supplemental Security Income benefits as there would be a change in eligibility requirement. The child needs to be re-evaluated by the Social Security Administration. If your child is transitioning from a child to an adult, we can help.

Injury and illness are not planned and can come at the worst possible time, leaving a person disabled. In the midst of a debilitating condition, you may be concerned about yourself or your family. However, some resources can help if you are disabled or not able to work for an extended period.

Social Security Disability Attorney Naples

Disabled individuals are entitled to obtain federal disability benefits to assist their necessary living costs. The trial attorneys and highly competent support staff at Berke Law Firm, P.A. focus on legal practice for helping individuals in achieving the right they deserve.

Experienced Lawyers for Social Security Disability Assistance in Naples

  1. The first thing to prioritize when you or a loved one suffer an injury in obtaining the necessary medical care to get the most significant possible recovery.
  2. Your second priority should be seeking experienced legal counsel to ensure that all your rights and interests are on your side.
  3. To get Maximum Financial Recovery for Injuries, it is essential to have experienced attorneys by your side. Have a legal professional who knows about injury laws and compensation you can receive for such injuries.
  4. The goal of our firm is to obtain the best result for our clients’ present and future. We dedicate our service to helping clients in gaining maximum financial recovery for injuries or accidental deaths.

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