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How Difficult Is It To Apply for Social Security Disability?

How to Apply

To apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in the USA you can fill out a form at This is the official government website. Read through the guidelines, and make sure you have your documents ready before applying. This includes preparing all your personal documents, medical documents, and work documents. Fill out the online application form. That’s it!

Unfortunately, most applications get denied. It is a long, difficult process to prove you have the disability that qualifies for benefits. This is why it is good to have a lawyer help organize your case.

First Application

Your first SSDI application should be very strong. The first application can decide how much insurance you are eligible for. It might also decide how long the application process will take.


Evidence is the documents and testimonies you submit to support your case. These evidences should prove why you are entitled to disability insurance. The main goal is to show that your disability prevents you from working a job.

Personal Documents

You will need to collect all necessary evidence. This includes personal documents such as social security number, identification, banking information, and family relations. If you don’t have all your documents, an attorney can help you secure them. It is a good idea to always have a secure record of your personal documents!

Medical Documents

Evidence also includes authorized medical documents and possibly doctors testimonies. Medical record showing effects of your condition are not enough to win a case. Although you may be sent to a court doctor, that might not be enough either. You must get a doctor to verify your condition(s) explicitly. Sometimes specialists must be contacted for such testimonies. In most cases you must gather the medical evidence before you apply for SSDI.

Work Documents

Finally, you will also need all documents related to your work history and ability. To show that you were working you may need pay slips, and an authorized letter from your employer. You will need to prove that you are unable to do the labor you were doing due to your disability.

In some cases, you aren’t allowed to be working in any capacity while your case is being processed. Because cases can last many months or years, some may need to work to meet their needs, and thus have their insurance denied. An attorney can help you avoid these traps before they happen.

Why is it so difficult?

The majority of SSDI applications are denied. Often this is because of lack of hard medical evidence, following of treatment, or inaccurate legal procedure. When applying and receiving SSDI, there are many deadlines and forms. There are also many rules that must be followed, or your application will be denied.

Hard Medical Evidence

You may have all your medical documents in order. But this might not be enough to prove your case. The judge will need all doctor’s notes, and a track record of regular medical check-ups. They will look into how much work you have missed because of your disability. They will need to know what steps you have taken to work around your disability. The amount of authorized documentation is exhaustive.

If your disability is not easily visible, it will be even more important to have reliable records and testimonies. Many people have their applications denied because the medical evidence was deemed insufficient in establishing their disability.

For some this process can be very demoralizing. It can be emotionally heavy having to prove one’s disability.


Part of proving your medical history proving that you have done everything possible to work regardless of your disability. This means judges need to see how your disability makes it impossible for you to work. They also need to see that you have followed all treatments recommended by your doctor. If you have not followed all treatments, your application might get denied.

Legal Process

There are many documents to turn in. All these documents must be authorized. There are many deadlines to keep in mind. Sometimes you might not even know these deadlines exist

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. If you miss one step in the process, your application can be denied or take much longer.

Although it is difficult to win SSDI cases, it is much easier if you have an attorney helping fight your case.

How Difficult Is It To Apply for Social Security Disability?
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