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SSI Benefits for Disabled Child

Getting Social security benefits for children There is a certain percentage of populations in our society who are always deprived of the ability to earn a healthy life. The reasons are varied, including health ailments, disability, death of a spouse or receiving member, mental health conditions, etc. These issues often snatch away the person’s ability […]

Disability for Afib

Is AFib a disability? When your atrial fibrillation condition gets severe, it results in your working productivity and performance. The atrial fibrillation is a common heart condition that causes heart palpitation and occasional chest pain. In certain cases, it might cause absolutely no symptoms. But only when the causes are serious, the patient possibly gets […]

Disability Benefits for Dementia

Is Dementia a disability? As we age, we are likely to fall prey to several diseases. These diseases can be based on mental health as well as physical health. Moreover, the fiercely busy lifestyle of the modern era has made chronic or age-relevant disease to appear in individuals earlier than usual. There are many common […]

Disability Benefits for Anxiety

Is Anxiety A Disability? Anxiety might sound like a light term that is often related to ‘stress,’ but it can lead to much greater risks if left untreated. Anxiety is a broad classification in the field of medicine, and today there are over 40 million adults in the US who suffer from this issue. Anxiety […]

How Difficult Is It To Apply for Social Security Disability?

How to Apply To apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) in the USA you can fill out a form at This is the official government website. Read through the guidelines, and make sure you have your documents ready before applying. This includes preparing all your personal documents, medical documents, and work documents. Fill […]

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