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Disability Benefits for Dementia

Is Dementia a disability?

As we age, we are likely to fall prey to several diseases. These diseases can be based on mental health as well as physical health. Moreover, the fiercely busy lifestyle of the modern era has made chronic or age-relevant disease to appear in individuals earlier than usual.

There are many common ailments of old age, such as Arthritis, diabetes, lung diseases, and cardiac problems are resembling earlier than the predicted time in individuals. One of the nervous systems and brain-based disease is dementia. As per the global medical records, over 50 million individuals are patients of dementia. The dementia and disability benefits are directly related because patients face severe health issues which hinders them to work or earn a living.

The connection between dementia and disability is profound. So, if the question is if dementia is a disability or not, well, this information will help to clarify. There are up to 10 million new cases of dementia that are reported each year.

One of the most common versions of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Most of the individuals from the generation of baby-boomers are victims of it. Dementia has contributed to almost sixty to seventy percent of the cases. It is a powerful and destructive condition that ruins the memorizing capacity and agility in mind.

Today, it is responsible for making a large percentage of oldies dependant and disturbed. The disease is just not confined to that. It lays an economic, psychological, and physical impact on the individual. It also impacts the people around them to a certain extent.

The condition can get worse, and the prediction of the range is not easy. Today, dementia stands as one of the significant reasons behind disability, as per world medical studies. It is a hard-core disability as per SSA. However, several factors can affect

Benefits that you can gain for Dementia

The social security administration that is the SSA shall consider your condition with dementia disabled if it matches with the blue book listing. SSA has a list of impairments that are focused on the disability of dementia.

Many struggles to get their cases approved in many ways. But meeting the blue book criteria of SSA is one of the quickest and simplest ways to make your claim a success. The conditions need to be well presented with the pieces of evidence. In 2017, this listing was updated.

Patients with this condition can get disability benefits for dementia is beyond just financial help. The interests involve initiating cooperation from the patient’s workplace too

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. The benefits are wide-ranged to make life more comfortable or the patient suffering from it. If your case matches all the criteria from SSA, here are the benefits you can expect.

  1. Allowance of attendance at work
  2. Carer’s Credit
  3. Allowance for your carer
  4. Council tax reduction
  5. Personal independence payment
  6. Direct financial support
  7. Employment support

If you are about to claim disability for dementia, it is best to seek a legal professional. An attorney is specialized and experienced in these particular cases. The social security administration is more likely to approve the trials that come through attorneys, as per recent surveys. This is because the case’s attorneys are reasonable to present more strategic and convincing claims with no loops.

Is it Worth to seek disability lawyers’ help for dementia disability benefits?

You need to keep in mind that the social security administration receives a large percentage of dementia disability cases every year. As already told before, over fifty million people suffer from this disease, many choose to file a claim. The concept of disability benefits for such conditions is getting more popular.

Hence, no particular importance will be provided to your case; it is not well presented or meets the criteria or formalities. So, reaching out to a social security disability dementia will only keep you in gain.

Berke Law Firm, PA, has an experienced disability lawyer who can help you get disability benefits without facing a denial. Even if you have faced denial in the last attempt, you can talk to our attorneys as they have handled many relevant cases. We have 35+ year of experience handling disability cases, and we can assist dementia patients and his family members in getting benefits for their loss.

Disability Benefits for Dementia
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